Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sexy Slut-Wife Sadie

One of my clients was just telling me about a dream he had of his wife last night, and I just had to share! He dreamt that one of their acquaintances was allowed to rub her pussy but not fuck her. It was driving him nuts!! Of course, he later found that she was indeed fucking the guy and he was officially a cuckold. He woke up with a raging hard-on after having watched his wife getting pounded by another man's cock. He called to have a phonesex reenactment of his dream to further his cuckold fantasy!

As you know, THIS makes me so very wet. I like to perform for hubby and let him watch and salivate like a pathetic puppy while I fuck a hot stud in every position imaginable. I want him to see that fat cock penetrating my pink pussy. I love for him to see me filled up with sticky cum in preparation for his delicious cream-pie desert. mmmmm eat up little cuckold slaves! It's your job!

Call me and we'll live out your cuckold phone sex fantasy. I make a great slut-wife because that's just what I am. I crave fat dick and I can't get enough. And you can't get enough of watching me suck and fuck that dick! What if I were to bring home TWO studs? Big black bull studs! One for my mouth and one for my pussy. You can watch me bouncing back and forth between the two while stroking your insufficient cock with anticipation of the grand finale! Hope you brought your appetite!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Zoey likes a late night black bull fuck fest!

Look at my creamy white skin and pretty blonde hair. Wouldn't I look great saddled up riding a hot black bull with a big black cock? The contrast of my tight little pink pussy and his giant throbbing black cock would be enough to make any cuckold lose his load, but you've got a marathon tonight! You see, I love interracial cuckold phone sex so much, and I want to make sure you are served the full course. From the man meat and gravy to the yummy cream-pie dessert.  Interracial cuckold phonesex is the best because we both get that fat black cock we both crave. Do you have cuckold cravings? I sure do! I'm on late at night when we get to be as naughty as we dare, so call tonight and ask for Zoey!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Cuckolds are the real sluts!

Now, I've been called a slut-wife a time or two. In fact, it gets me all wet when I think about all the extramarital sex I have. How could it not? The first rush of excitement when I see some hot young stud from across the room. Of course, I'm wearing my enormous diamond ring given to me by my ever loving husband, so I'm no threat to his young and wild appetite. I want the same thing this young hottie wants. Sex. Raw fucking. None of the bullshit that comes with relationships. I have my husband for that. He buys me the pretty things. He keeps me in the comfortable lifestyle I desire. He showers me with love and attention. I don't need to search elsewhere for any of those things, but what I have found I need to search for is one hot fuck after another. I don't care if it's black cock, white cock, sometimes even a little tiny cock. Depends on my mood and if I want to be pounded or just play that night. But you want to know the one constant in all of this? The one thing that never changes? My cuckold husband! He's the REAL slut!

I can see the hunger in his eyes as he anticipates my choosing a new sex partner for the evening. His wonder as to whether my sexy fuck toy for the night will be down for letting him watch, or if he'll have to spend the evening quietly spying on us from the bedroom closet! He's on the verge of blowing his load all night long, and he's been very well trained to wait until everyone else is finished and he's done his cleaning. I love to watch the agony on his face while his balls tighten and he must once again hold back his orgasm.  The ecstasy on his face as he bends low to get that first whiff of my milky cum filled cream-pie is enough to get me ready for round two! 

That's right boys. YOU are the real sluts. Your little stiff pecker brought you sniffing around this phonesex blog and now you're all ready to see your wife get fucked like she should be by a man who is decidedly not you. Call me up and we'll play it out in a phone sex fantasy tailored to fit your particular hunger and situation. My name is Regina, and I am a cuckold queen! Come see for yourself.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Do you like hairy pussy? Then I'm your girl!

Howdy boys. I'm Cary, but you should probably call me 'Hairy Cary'! I'm a believer that the creator made me exactly as I should be, without any needless shaving or waxing. My sensitive parts are covered in a thick pelt of black pubic hair that retains every wondrous natural scent. 

I know dirty cuck boys like you. What really gets your cock hard is hot cuckold phonesex and a sticky mess to clean up, and what better way than to have a hairy cream pie waiting for your salivating mouth? It will take you longer to clean every last savory bit from my cum-filled hairy cunt, and while you're down there my pussy hair will tickle your nose and face with scents and sensations that will make your dick quiver. 

Imagine watching my gorgeous hairy pussy being plowed to the deepest depths by a big black bull. Watch my cunt get wet and start to drip down his balls. Oh I know you're aching, but you have a job to do. You've got to clean and lick and serve and beg and wait. You're my cuckold slave, right? So we play this my way, and you'll be very busy. I hope you brought your appetite, because I aim to satisfy those deep cuckold cravings! 

Cuckold phone sex is the hottest there is. We can even get my hot black stud friend Reggie to join us if you're lucky! His giant black cock will make your knees week and your mouth water.

Really, what more could you ask for? I am all woman. Soft and hairy in all the right places. Your taste buds will thank you!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Zoey says, "You find 'em, honey, and I'll fuck 'em!"

I really love the look in your eye while you're watching me. Cuckold phonesex is the best way I know to watch the envy and desire in your eyes grow to a fevered pitch. You want me, but you can't satisfy me the way I need. Oh, you have your place. You go to work and you make lots of money to bring home to me! That's very important! It's also just as important for you to start bringing home sexy, young and virile men to make my pussy purr and drip. You know I especially crave big black cock with heavy balls that will fill my pussy full of creamy filling. Get up close, my dear, so you can see that fat black cock stretch and ram my pretty pink cunt. I want your face right up in there so you can see it, hear it and oh yes, smell it. I hope you brought your appetite honey, because my creampie is oh so full and it's all for your hungry mouth.

Call Zoey, your favorite slut-wife, for the hottest cuckold phone sex you've ever had. You'll feel small and incompetent, but happy to be so. Bring me home a fat paycheck and a fat cock and I'll be your sexy phonesex babe forever!